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                            Copper Rose & Bone
Copper, chemical element of high electrical conductivity,
dietary mineral essential of all living organisms
Rose, flower both gentle, tough and of beauty to the senses,
(constant source/object  of artistic creation)
Bone, protection, structure, movement, sound transduction
(musical instruments are known to have been made from bone)
Copper Rose & Bone are Musicians/ Artists/ Activists from Washington, DC, USA. We believe that music is the perfect tool to uplift the spirit; so we gear our music to take you on a journey that gives you hope and inspiration...and a reality check!! We want to make you feel good, make you want to dance, and so much more.... We call our music Neofunkrockedgejazz a mixture of Funk, Rock Edge, Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B, and Alternative. A music Remedy...for these times.
Copper Rose (Linda Evans) & Bone (James Anthony) formed this band in 2005, with the idea of creating music that has an electric energy to feed the spirit with the beauty of the arts through the vibration of sound. We began this musical venture together having met one another while working  in the DC Funk Band Osiris.  Some time later after bearing witness to the death of a young man in the community as a result of street violence, we become involved with non-profit organizations, working, for almost 10 years, with at-risk youth through music and theater using the arts as a positive weapon for change.  The Copper Rose & Bone Band has been nominated for the Mayors Arts Awards, DMV Awards and received The Men Of Mark & Women Builders Outstanding Leadership Award from Cease Fire Don't Smoke The Brothers & Sisters & Universal Madness presented by the Boxing Great Keith Holms. In addition Copper Rose & Bone recieved the 2017 DMV Stand Out Award for DMV Entertainer.  The Group has a release entitled Remedy with Downloads available on iTunes & Apple Music.  The Band will performed at the 2020 20th Virtual Anniversary of Artomatic 8/15/2020, One of their songs on N1M (Number One Music). Liv'in Fo The City received this review :

"The entire song made the listener want to understand and interpret the heartfelt message while having the music hold a solid rhythm and background to support this beautifully written piece of art. Hats off to Copper Rose & Bone Band for a fantastic job on Livin' fo the City!! Great job! ! Wanna hear more now!!! Reviewed by Ralph Tomaselli"  United States, California, Riverside. Colorful and Energetic performances describe CR & Bone. Tight harmonies surround multiple strong lead vocalists with top flight musicianship.

Linda "Copper Rose" Evans - Lead Vocalist & Percussion
James "Bone" Anthony - Bass Guitar, lead & background vocals

John John Drums & background vocals

Dhahondo Smith – Guitars
Dee Edwarda - Keys

DeAndre Howard-Trumpet & Percussion


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